Blendo West Virginia Glassware

//Blendo West Virginia Glassware

Blendo West Virginia Glassware

Blendo glassware is now available on Beckalar. We’ve combed through deals upon deals, doing the hard work of tracking down low-cost vintage serveware for our loyal customers.

We hope you enjoy our new finds and that you’ll provide a good home for these antiques.

About Blendo Glass for Sale Online

Blendo beckons nostalgia in the sweetest way.

Blendo glassware

Back in the 50s and 60s, you could find Blendo glassware in many American households. These were made and sold in the USA by the West Virginia Specialty Glass Company of Weston, West Virginia.

Going Down Memory Lane

In this era, it wasn’t uncommon to:

  • Be on Pins and Needles About Who’d Win the Moon Race
  • Rock it Out to the Beatles’ Many Hits   
  • Have a Backyard BBQ with a Blendo Glass in Hand

In other words, Blendo glasses and 60’s pop culture went hand in hand.

The Main Characteristics of Blendo Glass for Sale Online

You can easily tag a Blendo glassware, including a pitcher, glass, or shot glass, for example, by their neo-pastel colors. The hue is stronger at the base and at the very top of the glassware, the color shifts to a transparent one.

Where to Find Blendo Glass for Sale Online

Blendo West Virginia Glassware

There are many places to purchase this collection. However, at Beckalar, our prices are unmatched.

With Beckalar, you can skip the early morning bargain hunts for prized vintage pieces. There’s no need to scout or make several trips around town to garage sales, flea markets, or thrift stores.

We’ve done the hard work for you and consistently source and add new pieces every week.

Just head online, buy, and get the package delivered to your doorsteps. It’s super simple.

What’s Old is New Again

Blendo and other vintage finds aren’t just for old-timers anymore. Our clients come from all walks of life – and age groups.

Most of our buyers seek out the quality, durability, and timeless elegance of the products we have in store.

Whether you’re building a collection or need to restock your kitchen with products that are practical for everyday life, we have you covered here at Beckalar.

Blendo West Virginia Glassware

Pulling Off a Great Party is a Tall Order – Deliver With Beckalar

Blendo Vintage glassware collections are great for hosting cocktail parties, barbecues, or family get-togethers.

Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when you pull out all the stops and bring this collection home for a celebration.

At Beckalar, we welcome photo submissions of these priceless moments!

Share with other buyers on our website to see how your fun finds are doing in everyday life.

Color Your World with Blendo West Virginia Glass for Sale

At Beckalar, we’re in the business of not only selling products – but also memories. Many of the vintage kitchenware and antiques we sell online bring back recollections of good times.

We hope that the items we send your way make a great addition to your home life – and new memories are built with loved ones.

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