Beckalar’s Top 5 Must-Have Dinnerware for Everyday Use

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Cherry pick from our growing selection of authentic vintage dinnerware sets. At The Vintage Beckalar, you can easily buy dinnerware dishes online for a fraction of the price. Bestsellers In this guide, we dish out the top 5 must-buy dinnerware dishes online for the home: Bring in the fresh feeling of spring into your home with this complete set from Corelle. Setting the stage for delicious down-home cooking, this set features no chips or cracks. To top it all off – it’s made in the U.S.A. Here’s What You Get: Six (6) 10” Dinner Plates Six (6) 8.5” [...]

Blendo West Virginia Glassware

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Blendo glassware is now available on Beckalar. We’ve combed through deals upon deals, doing the hard work of tracking down low-cost vintage serveware for our loyal customers. We hope you enjoy our new finds and that you’ll provide a good home for these antiques. About Blendo Glass for Sale Online Blendo beckons nostalgia in the sweetest way. Back in the 50s and 60s, you could find Blendo glassware in many American households. These were made and sold in the USA by the West Virginia Specialty Glass Company of Weston, West Virginia. Going Down Memory Lane In this era, it wasn’t uncommon to: Be on [...]

Ideas To Revamp Your Christmas Tabletop in 2017

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This holiday, you can make the occasion even sweeter and more stylish by making a determined effort to revamp the place where everyone gathers – around the table. It’s where we’re nourished, have good conversations, and share life’s little and big moments together. Find One-of-a-Kind Christmas Table Centerpieces A good starting point to put together impressive Christmas table arrangements is the centerpiece. But this doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg or even take you hours to make. At Beckalar, we make the process of sourcing and arranging unique kitchen décor a simple activity. You see, all products sold in store are [...]

Vintage Coffee Mugs for Sale Online

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Need a pick-me-up every morning by the name of “coffee”? Chances are you want to sip this heaven-sent beverage in a mug that fits your style and personality. There are scores of designs on the market today, but if you want a truly one-of-a-kind mug, try vintage. Spilling the Beans….Fast Facts on Mugs A mug is basically a cup with a handle – but you already knew this. This feature (the handle) was intentionally put there to protect the fingers when sipping on hot beverages like coffee and tea. The standard mug holds roughly 12 fl. oz. of liquid, but over the years, manufacturers [...]

Collecting Fire-King Glass

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The demand for Fire King jade-ite glasses can be merited to the Queen of home living, Martha Stewart. In the 1990s, Stewart gave her nod of approval to Fire King by featuring the brand on many of her shows and magazines. Prior to this endorsement, Fire King dishes were readily available at just about any vintage store you could find. Fire King dishes have been around for decades. The collection was made by Anchor Hocking between the 1940s and 1960s. Today, these are considered to be rare vintage treasures. Some limited-edition pieces command a very high price tag. Be a Savvy Collectible Glass Shopper [...]

Find Retro Anchor Hocking for Sale

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Buy anchor hocking fire king dishes at Beckalar, a fine purveyor of premium and vintage kitchenware – all sold for less. A Brief History of Anchor Hocking Products The Anchor Hocking’s history is a classic tale of opportunity meeting willpower. In 1905, Isaac J. Collins was a staff worker in the decorating department of Ohio Flint Glass Company, but he had bigger dreams of starting his own enterprise. In this role, Collins gained invaluable and hands-on experience in the glass-making field. That same year, opportunity came knocking when the Lancaster Carbon Company was put up for sale. Collins, along with a group of friends, [...]

Why You Should Buy Corelle Products

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Purveyors of classic and luxury dishware often set their sights on Corelle. This trusted brand has been on the market since 1970 when it was first produced by Corning Glass Works. Today, the label is owned by World Kitchen, which still manufactures Corelle with Vitrelle. Why is Vintage Corelle Dinnerware for Sale So Popular? Vitrelle is a form of tempered glass manufactured with three layers of really thin glass. Even though World Kitchen retains the same key ingredients that make Corelle durable, chip-resistant, and lightweight, fans often hunt down antiques. The main reason for this vintage appeal is the limited-edition patterns featured on older [...]

Your Vintage Pyrex Is Actually Worth A Lot

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That vintage Pyrex dish you have sitting in your cupboard or attic could be worth big bucks. Whether you invested in this set many moons ago or received it as an heirloom or wedding gift, it’s possible to trade it in for cold hard cash. → How Much Is it Worth? The price for each Pyrex dish varies based on several factors, including: The Year it Was Made – The More Antique It Is, the Higher the Value The Condition – Good, Bad, or Fair The Design – The Rarer the Pattern, the Pricier it Becomes The Bundle – Is it Sold as a Complete [...]

Enjoy Home Décor and Dinnerware Summer Sales at Beckalar

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There’s nothing like getting your home, your kitchen or a party spread looking exactly the way you want it. You’ll take pride in breaking out a nice selection of soup bowls before a dinner gathering, or laying out dips and desserts on an elegant set of platters. Finding good home décor and dinnerware sets takes time though, and Beckalar can make the task simpler and easier to accomplish. The online store is home to a huge collection of home décor items such as candle holders, canisters and lamps, as well as serving and dinnerware focused items like bowls, trays, plate sets and glasses. No [...]


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What can you do with limited kitchen counter space to make your kitchen appear neat and inviting? The kitchen canister set is the way to go for four reasons: 1)  The right canister set will accent your kitchen and give it style. 2)  You will get more practical storage space. 3)  Canisters efficiently keep your foods fresher for a longer amount of time. 4)  You will save time, as the things you need on a daily basis are right at your fingertips. When you enter your kitchen, the last thing you want to see is a pile of dishes and half-put-away coffee, sugar, flour or [...]