Dinnerware Sets – Customer Testimonial

//Dinnerware Sets – Customer Testimonial

Dinnerware Sets – Customer Testimonial

NBMI love to shop at garage sales. The excitement of finding something unique and interesting (that can’t be found at Walmart or Penney’s) makes me feel like a conquering explorer. And my friends always compliment my unique and classy style. Beckalar (Beckalar.com/.com) isn’t a garage sale, but has the same never-know-what-you’ll find vibe and a wildly diverse set of dinnerware sets, serving pieces, cutlery, and both antique and new items (They have clothing and books and other things too).

A friend first told me about Beckalar when I was looking for a replacement tea pot for everyday use. Teavana had a beautiful stoneware tea pot, but it was way out of my price range, (not what I could afford but what I’m willing to pay! 😉 Anyway, I told my friend about it she suggested Beckalar. She purchased a discount dinnerware set there a few weeks ago. It’s a cool website, with the feel of an estate sale. Lots of gorgeous pieces for your house, some practical and some just for decoration. There is a picture of the young lady that runs it on the website and she reminds me of my daughter… with a taste for beautiful things, but not willing to over pay!

Anyway, Beckalar has tons of gorgeous merchandise! While I was looking for a tea pot, I was tempted to buy a Jones New York skirt which, I kid you not, was on sale for $4.00!! But a few pages later I found the tea pot I wanted. It looks just like the expensive one at the mall and cost just $5.00! I admit it… I saved so much money I bought the Jones New York skirt too!

I was just about to check out, but just wanted to see how much my friend Patty paid for her dinnerware set when I saw something that made me kind of mad, but on the other hand, VERY GLAD that I found Beckalar. They had THE EXACT SAME Sakura Warren Kimble Cat Collection Plates that I just bought on eBay for $44… but the Beckalar price was $10.99!!! Turns out Beckalar has tons of high quality collector pieces, including cat, pig and duck collector items from the best designers.

9022For me the best part is that the merchandise changes every day (Never did find anything like Patty’s dinnerware sets) and there are new items all the time. If you see something you like, you gotta move fast, because many of the products are one of a kind finds. My favorite new online store is an estate sale, a garage sale and a clearance sale all rolled up into one!

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