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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pyrex

Pyrex is becoming more popular each day as we charge into a world with the need for convenience. Whether you’re using Pyrex dishes or Pyrex bowls, no need to dirty several different dishes; everything can go from microwave or oven to tabletop to refrigerator.

Newer models of the brand are now offered in beautiful colors and prints. Everything is now available in Pyrex from Pyrex glass measuring cups to Pyrex bowls for mixing to beautiful Pyrex dishes for a convenient and lovely table set.

The History of Pyrex

Pyrex is a brand introduced by Corning, Inc. (makers of Corningware) in 1908. The idea of the Pyrex glass was to offer a product similar to Corning but clear. The borosilicate glass was offered in kitchenware as well as laboratory glassware. Corning also introduced other products under the Pyrex brand in the late 1930’s and 1940’s. The opaque tempered soda-lime glass was used for bowls and bakeware.

What is borosilicate glass? It’s actually been around for while. This low-expansion glass was introduced in Germany 22 years prior to Corning, and marketed under the name Duran. The cooking potential of borosilicate glass was cutting edge in the day. This amazing product was known to be shock-resistant to reduce breakage with qualities of low-expansion for oven and stovetop use as well.

In 1998, Corning formed a company called World Kitchen, LLC licensed to manufacture and market the pyrex brand for their own line. While Corning was no longer affiliated at this point, they licensed the brand to other companies: World Kitchen and Newell Cookware.

Because of the versatility of this worldwide loved product, Pyrex also has branched to uses in telescopes and other astronomy applications.

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Vintage Patterns for Pyrex

The practical cooking properties of Pyrex are only a fraction of why it’s so popular in today’s kitchens. There are a number of beautiful vintage pattern for Pyrex available in matching sets that make it irresistible. For example, check out the following:

  1. Black Tulip Decorator Casserole with Cradle


    The 1.5-quart “Cinderella Oval” casserole style was actually produced for the holidays, but the sharp contrasted black and white tulip decorations on all sides make it a joy for all seasons. It fits neatly into an attractive brass wire caddy with white handles.
  2. Butterfly Gold

    Pyrex Butterfly Gold PBGB4An equally sharp vintage print is the butterfly gold pattern available on a variety of Pyrex dishes. Choose a pattern of golden brown on white, or reversed white on gold. The patterns vary slightly – one with butterflies and flowers for spring; the other with butterflies and wheat stalks, the autumn version. This Pyrex pattern is available on various size casserole dishes as well as cups, baking dishes, mixing bowls, loaf dishes, and oven refrigerator dishes – just to name view of the Pyrex dishes available here. Check out our site for the complete list:

  3. Vintage Pyrex Flamingo Pink Casserole Dish

    Pyrex-Flamingo-Pink-Casserole-PFC1-1If you love pink, the flamingo pink Pyrex glass dish is a must-have. Measuring 8.25” in diameter, this little gem shows off true vintage from the era, still in great shape designed to give that magical touch to your kitchen.

  4. Balloon Cinderella Bowl Chip-Dip Set from 1958


  5. This is really cool for the summertime. With beautiful sky blue color and antique hot air balloon fun design pattern, this set is a real showoff piece for your company. The larger bowel holds 4 quarts, and the smaller matching dip bowl holds 1.5 pints. A darker blue is available as well including icons of the sun and moon with hot air balloons. Both sets come with gold/brass colored cradle holder, which attaches the two bowls together.
  6. Vintage Pyrex Homestead Nesting Mixing Bowls, 401, 402, 403

    Pyrex-Homestead-Nesting-Bowls-HBP3-B-2This beautiful set of Pyrex mixing bowls fit in any kitchen with a modest blue print on a beige background. Still kept in extraordinary condition from the original era:

  7. Bluebird Promotional Covered Casserole from 1959-1961

    This is a must-have for bird lovers everywhere! Delicate bluebird, flowers and wheat print on a white background is as practical as it is beautiful. The 1.5-quart casserole comes with a clear lid for practical baking, and the Pennsylvania Dutch look pattern makes a great addition to your kitchen – sure to bring compliments from your guests!

  8. Vintage Pyrex Red Scroll Celtic Floral Promo Casserole

    Pyrex-Red-Scroll-Celtic-Casserole-RSC-2-600x444This 1-quart casserole dish is a festive red-orange opaque baking dish. The lid is quite unique, with a delicate floral pattern on clear Pyrex glass to add the bright touch to your kitchen that you’re looking for.

  9. Autumn Harvest

    Autumn Harvest Pyrex is a favorite, with horizontal wheat stalk patterns on red-orange or brown solid background color. This popular pattern is available in casserole dishes, Cinderella bake serve-store casseroles, bowls, and mugs, mixing bowls, refrigerator dishes and round casseroles. The popular print can also be referred to as “Wheat Stalks”, “Autumn”, “Harvest”, or “Summer Grain” – popular all year long.

  10. Americana

    This simple style, a solid color with a band of white on the top rim, makes it an easy addition to any kitchen. There are several colors available on this one – ark blue / light blue / turquoise and gold-yellow / olive brown / orange rust-brown / dark brown.

    As you get acquainted with each of the above vintage patterns, you’re now becoming more aware than ever that Pyrex dishes are so much more than a pretty and practical way to cook – they are the unique addition to your kitchen that can turn your house into a home.

How to tell Pyrex from Really Old Pyrex

Original Pyrex dishes from the vintage era can be very valuable, but how can you tell it’s real? When you’re shopping for Pyrex, you want to be sure you know how old the pieces are to determine proper value.

Pyrex dishes from the 1940’s can be detected in a couple of different ways. First, there is a stamp on the bottom that is simple with no numbers, just “PYREX”. The stamp in later Pyrex glass (after 1970) is much more complicated, including several numbers top and bottom around the “PYREX” original stamp design. Additionally, older model Pyrex dishes are a little thicker

As a rule, older Vintage Pyrex can be found mostly in antique shops, EBay, Etsy, yard sales, flea markets and trade groups. Conversely, newer Pyrex dishes are usually purchased from department stores such as Target or Sears – and websites like pyrex.com or Wayfair.com.

For newer style Vintage Pyrex, check out the following sites:

  1. http://pyrexcollective3.blogspot.com/ (Check out the 1960 wedding cake picture!)
  2. https://wanelo.com/shop/vintage-blue-pyrex-dishes (Great blue Vintage patterns)
  3. http://evieshaus.blogspot.com/ (Really cool spring patterns on this site)
  4. http://ilovecollecting10.blogspot.com/ (If you’re thinking of collecting, this recent blog is a interesting read.)

If you’re looking for truly unique and beautiful original Vintage pieces, Beckalar.com is your place to shop. There are countless Pyrex dishes on this site – a wide variety including even tea- kettles and Dutch oven casseroles! Check out the video presentation demonstration and get some ideas – https://beckalar.com/about-us/

Pyrex Products at the Beckalar Store

What are the most valuable Pyrex patterns?

th1As we move in to the ongoing stressful 21st century, Vintage Pyrex patterns are becoming increasing valuable as more and more people are looking to put a taste of the good-old-days in their kitchen for everyday where.

The initial design from 1915 created the special borosilicate Pyrex glass, adored at the time for its unique dependability as it could hold up to extreme temperatures.

th2Today’s world, however, takes dependability for granted. Now we’re demanding that same dependability with the unique Vintage patterns from yesteryear. Collectors these days are attracted to colorful Pyrex dishes introduced in the late 1960’s. In those World War II days, Pyrex was advertised as “tough as nails and guaranteed.”

As we strive to get a little of those days back in our kitchen today, the nesting bowls are among the most popular of the Vintage Pyrex patterns. These sets were introduced in 1957, at which time they only had three bowls nesting inside each other. Ten years later, Pyrex introduced the “New Dot” pattern, three rows of dots on white opaque glass. The fourth 4-quart bowl was introduced to the set in 1969.

thCinderella bowls, introduced in 1958, are considered among the most valuable sets to find these days. The graceful shape of the bowls, similar to Cinderella’s gown, is just as much a favorite today as in the 1960’s. The bowls come with clear Pyrex glass tops, with or without delicate engraved patterns.

The concept of “oven-refrigerator sets” became popular in 1925, and the convenience is still loved today as we can safely store our leftovers in refrigerator. Just put the beautiful dish in the refrigerator for later – no need to wash tonight!

It goes without saying that there’s an extended list that people are craving today – all from the early days of Grandma. As we look at the beautiful Vintage Pyrex patterns, we’re reminded of our days with Mom or Grandma in the kitchen and recognize some of the patterns of the day, bringing happy home memories to our kitchen. Learn more about the original Pyrex patterns at this site: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/kitchen/pyrex

A wide variety of Vintage Pyrex patterns can be found at https://beckalar.com/.

Pricing and Valuing Vintage Pyrex

th1As Vintage Pyrex is becoming more popular, people are wondering how much their Pyrex is worth. This is a little bit of a grey area, as Pyrex, as any collectable, is worth as much as someone is willing to pay. We need to ask ourselves, “Why do we want the stuff?” And the answer, of course, is that it’s a symbol of the all-American Mom’s kitchen – and those precious memories generate a feeling that money can’t buy.

unnamedHaving said that, one of the things about Pyrex, similar to Corelle – the popular unbreakable dinnerware, is that it has always been as affordable as it is practical, making it the perfect wedding gift. Most Pyrex dinnerware can be found for as little as $20 or less.

As collectors go, getting the complete set of anything raises the value considerably. The same is true, of course, for CD sets or coin sets. The Pyrex kitchenware set is not different. The condition of the Pyrex also plays a part here, as well as having kept the original box it came in.

If you’re a beginner collector, it’s a good rule of thumb to pay special attention to “promotional” Pyrex items. This items were not everyday off the shelf sale items, and therefore, much more rare. As with anything we collect, the more rare it is, the more its value.

thFYX5GS4IIf you have Pyrex item and you’re wondering about how much it’s worth, an easy rule of thumb is to simply search for that exact item on EBay. Be sure to pay attention to what people are paying, not just what the items is priced. Just because something is listed on EBay is not an indication in itself as to the value. However, many EBay items are sold at auctions, and this is a solid telltale of what people are willing to pay.

More information on how to tell the value of your Pyrex dinnerware can be found at http://www.pyrexlove.com/how-to-price-pyrex/.

thYRJSRS0IWe must remember the underlying reason why people have become obsessed in collecting Pyrex kitchenware in the first place. We love it for the way it makes us feel. We love it for the memories that are generated and the idea of having something that can gain in value as we pass it down to our children.

It’s a fun hobby to start collecting as long as you realize why you love it so much. Pick from you favorite kitchenware set Pyrex at https://beckalar.com/.

Pyrex Care and Storage

thDKI8FA5SKnowing that your Pyrex can become more valuable with age brings forth a new desire to make sure that you’re caring for the valuable dinnerware in the best possible way. When it comes to Vintage Pyrex, it’s a good idea to make proper care and storage of your kitchenware set a habit.

Many of us like to show of the most beautiful pieces, because, after all, the whole point of owning Pyrex is enjoying it, right? However, be careful not to store in a place where they might get knocked off a shelf. I learned this the hard way when I had some of my grandmother’s china on a display shelf, and my husband slammed the door, causing the piece of fall and shatter. If you do choose to display your Pyrex, it’s wise to secure to the shelf with a non-drying putty to secure to the shelf.

thP4S70EWQOf course, most of your kitchenware set should be stored away in a cupboard behind closed doors. Additionally, be sure NOT to stack your Pyrex bowls and casserole dishes, as this can easily lead to chipping over time.

It’s also a good idea to store the lids separately. For Pyrex casserole dishes, it’s best to keep the lid with the base. However, be careful not to store the lid on the base. It’s wise to wrap the lid on protective paper and store upside down on the base. For kitchenware you seldom use, it’s a good idea to wrap in bubble wrap.

unnamedAs a collector, you might want to store your Pyrex in the original box. This is an idea to ensure safety. However, make sure that the box is kept in low traffic area. You wouldn’t want to inadvertently knock over the box when you’re reaching for an everyday dish! Learn more about Pyrex storage here: http://www.pyrexlove.com/pyrex-care-and-storage/.

While most Pyrex is easy to clean it’s only common sense to wash by hand with warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Regular cleanings can ensure lack of dust, grime and grease buildup. Steel wool and harsh chemicals might be good at attacking the grease, but they can also leave permanent scratches. Make sure that you use a hand dishwashing soap that is gentle enough on your hands with the ability to cut the grease.

It is well worth your time in taking care of your Pyrex, is it’s quickly becoming America’s favorite dish.

What makes Pyrex America’s favorite?

unnamed (1)The original allure of Pyrex happened in the early 1900’s due to the unique thermal and shock-resistance of this newly invented type of “hardware glass”. Good Housekeeping magazines published “Now cook in glass on open flames”… who won’t find that interesting and appealing? The introduction of “Pyrex Flameware” in 1936 enabled the Pyrex brand to soon become a household name.

thW0JXFIHZFinally, this new miracle glass was even easier and more economical than ceramic – and certainly more practical than china. The slogan, “Yes, it can break, but almost never does” swept across the country.

Today’s Pyrex continues to be respected and loved for its durability as well as beauty. Take your pick of your favorite Vintage Pyrex pieces at https://beckalar.com/.

Pyrex Products at the Beckalar Store

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