Find Retro Anchor Hocking for Sale

//Find Retro Anchor Hocking for Sale

Find Retro Anchor Hocking for Sale

Buy anchor hocking fire king dishes at Beckalar, a fine purveyor of premium and vintage kitchenware – all sold for less.

A Brief History of Anchor Hocking Products

The Anchor Hocking’s history is a classic tale of opportunity meeting willpower. In 1905, Isaac J. Collins was a staff worker in the decorating department of Ohio Flint Glass Company, but he had bigger dreams of starting his own enterprise.

In this role, Collins gained invaluable and hands-on experience in the glass-making field. That same year, opportunity came knocking when the Lancaster Carbon Company was put up for sale. Collins, along with a group of friends, raised a whopping $6,000 at the time to purchase the business, but they soon learned it wasn’t enough. Luckily, an infusion of $17,000 was invested by E. Good, and the rest they say is history.

The name was inspired by the Hocking River – situated within close vicinity to the manufacturing plant. At the closing of the first financial year, Anchor Hocking exceeded sales expectations: $20,000 worth of products were sold.

Anchor Hocking has maintained its demand by offering quality assurance to every customer. The household name continues to be a favorite in American kitchens generation after generation.

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Anchor Hocking’s owners are as resilient as the products sold. In 1924, the manufacturing plant was burned to the ground – it was eventually rebuilt. Later during the Great Depression, a groundbreaking machine transformed the way Anchor Hocking manufactured its products. An automatic glass press optimized productivity and churned out 90 blown glass parts per minute. The older one-per-minute method done manually could not stack up.

This mass-scale production gave Anchor Hocking the competitive advantage of selling its products for a fraction of the usual cost – making it an even more popular choice among consumers at the time.

Since its inception, Anchor Hocking has branched out into producing a host of other home goods, including tableware, cosmetic containers, toiletries, and more.

Anchor Hocking Safety Ratings

Vintage Anchor Hocking bakeware is 100% safe. In fact, the company has never had a recall issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) in its more than 100 years of business, according to

New vs. Older Anchor Hocking Products

When the company was just established, Anchor Hocking manufactured its glass bake-ware with annealed borosilicate. Today, all U.S. manufacturers of glass bake-ware use tempered soda-lime-silicate. Both are considered to be safe and hold up well to thermal shock.

Original customers who grew accustomed to the look and feel of vintage models have an opportunity to order these rare gems on Beckalar.

Shop for Vintage Anchor Hocking Fire King Dishes and More

At Beckalar, you never know what to expect until you get here. Our owners add new Anchor Hocking products every week.

Anchor Hocking tableware is perfect for impressing guests during the upcoming holidays. Keep an eye out for vintage Anchor Hocking bakeware and drinking glasses. From punch bowl sets to retro pitchers, wine goblets to bakeware and more, we have a wide selection of these vintage favorites at low prices.

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