Ten Ideas for Easy Christmas Home Decorating for 2018

//Ten Ideas for Easy Christmas Home Decorating for 2018

Ten Ideas for Easy Christmas Home Decorating for 2018

Getting holiday ideas for home décor is a great way kick off the season, as decorating your home for the holidays is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit.

This post is designed to motivate you towards some fun and interesting do-it-yourself projects as well as easy and cost effective interior decorating ideas.

1. An Advent Wreath can be crafted easily and quickly, and this piece continues to spread cheer through the entire month of December. Simply take a plain wreath (or design one from a Styrofoam ring and greenery), and mount 4 candles on the perimeter.  Each candle is lit every Sunday during the month of December, preferably at dinnertime where the entire family can witness the sacred event.   The final candle is lit on the fourth Sunday, which is Christmas Eve this year!

2. For an easier and practically ready-made Advent Wreath, simply begin with the old-fashioned brown tin candleholder which provides holders for four candles… easily purchased cost effectively..Simply wrap foliage around the base and decorate with seasonal berries or flowers for a personal touch.3. Handmade Christmas ornaments designed with berries and mistletoe creatively spaced on a Styrofoam ball can be a great eye-catcher when hanging from your chandelier or doorway. The final touch is added with a jingle bell and ribbon dangling from the holiday ball of mistletoe. Guests will love to get that kiss under the mistletoe!

4. A simple holiday platter with candles surrounded by red decorative berries makes for an attractive and practical centerpiece, as you light the candles at dinnertime.

5. The above holiday platter idea can be arranged on a Ceramic Home Cake Plate Stand, beautifully decorated around the edges…Or, simply display your favorite Christmas desert on this handsome plate!6. Hearts are always warmed with a tiny real Christmas tree, decorated just like the one done by Charlie Brown! For those with a practical mind, consider a “Rosemary Christmas Tree”, which is simply a rosemary herb bush decorated for Christmas.  This doubles as a practical way to add spice to your favorite dish!

7. Create “mini mittens” for your family and friends … another craft that children would love to help you create to get the whole family in the spirit. A simple mitten pattern could be cut out and used to cut out felt pieces, sewn together with yarn around the edges.  Make several small (about 6”) mittens to be filled with candy and surprises for your guests.  It’s always a good idea to have these stashed away as “interior decorating” pieces of art.  Guests will assume they are part of your Holiday décor; and, of course, they will be delightfully surprised when you present it as a gift!

8. A beautiful holiday dinnerware set is sure to make an impression at this year’s Christmas party. Check out this 11-piece set for only $16.99!You’ll find the largest dinnerware collectibles for the most reasonable prices at Beckalar!

9. Set the mood for your guests with your best holiday drinks served in Christmas holly berry clear glasses. An entire set of holiday berry glasses complete with ice bucket can be obtained at this site for only $14.99!

10. Even your bake ware is complete with the festive touch when you use the long ceramic loaf baking pan set from Beckalar…Additionally, vintage Pyrex is also a very practical addition to your holiday entertaining… from oven to serving table to refrigerator, you can’t beat Pyrex when it comes to holiday planning.  Check out the large inventory selection of Pyrex here.

The holiday ideas at Beckalar will make sure that the final touches are complete at this year’s Christmas party.

With beautiful and exclusive finds in the way of glassware, dinnerware, bake ware and unique interior decorating items purchased from all over the world, your life is now simplified.  Turn treacherous shopping into an effortless click on your computer… check us out today!

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