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The Allure of Stemware – Buy Stemware Online

Stemware possesses an attractive allure that draws your guests in and tells them that this dinner is really special.  However, there’s a lot to knowing how to raise the right glass, as different stemware is designed for different kinds of drinks.

So before you start your online search to buy wine glasses online, you’ll want to read up a little about what stemware is and how best to use it.

What is stemware?

Any glass that stands on a stem above the base is considered stemware.  While usually made of glass, stemware can also be made from ceramic or metal.  People enjoy drinking from stemware because it allows the drinker to hold the glass from the stem, enabling a feeling of enjoying a special drink.

On the practical side, holding the glass by the stem allows the drink to be touched by human hands without affecting the temperature of the drink.

Types of Stemware:

There’s actually good reason for every type of stemware; each glass designed to bring out the best flavor in the beverage for which it is designed.  If you’re interested in purchasing stemware or buying wine glasses online, you’ll want to review this post to learn about each type of stemware and how to use it.

  • Champagne flutes

Sparking wine or champagne glasses are often called champagne flutes.  Similar to the elongated white wine glasses, champagne flutes are equipped with a slender, standard height will keep the champagne from warming as you hold by the stem.  Shorter stems, or “demi-flutes” also shows off the bubbles in the sparkling wine.

  • Chalices and goblets

Goblets are enjoyed for great versatility, as they are designed for optimum aerating for any wine or beverage.  Today’s fast-paced world often prefers this type of wine glass, as it’s more practical and versatile for any beverage.

Notice how the goblets on Beckalar can be used for either water or wine:

1)      Holly berry water or wine glasses:

Enjoy a set of 8 for under $15!  This decorative glass can be used for either water or wine at the dinner table.

2)      Libbey Christmas water wine goblet set:

Another cost effective favorite for the holidays!

3)      Paneled glass water goblet set:

The beautiful pink paneled vintage design on this glass is priceless, although priced on this site for only $29.99 for a set of 6.

4)  Anchor Hocking Wexford 5 piece Beverage Set:

What a classy way to serve water!

  • Cocktail glasses

Even some beer glasses are preferred with short stems.  For example, the tulip-shaped glass brings out the deep malt aroma of a stout beer.

  • Liqueur glassesLiqueur, or cordial glasses are quite small with slender stems, like a miniature wine glass.  With sweet liqueurs, you only want a small amount served at time, as this is a sipping drink.
  • Snifters

Snifters are popular for aged brown spirits such as brandy.  As opposed to the long stemmed wine glass, the brandy snifter has a broad-bottomed bowl designed to rest in your hand.  In this way, you hand continues to keep the brandy warm as you drink.

  • Wine glasses

There are a wide variety of wine glasses, from goblets (illustrated above) to long stem slender wine glasses.  It’s interesting to note that different types of wine are customarily served in different glasses:

1) White wine is served in a slender bodied glass with a long slender stem.

2) Red wine is served in a glass with a wider bowl, as it is often served warm and the wide bowl maintains the warmth in your wine.

3) Sparkling wine glasses are similar to white wine glasses, with slender bowl and stem.

4) Desert wine glasses for wines like sherry or port are sipped from a smaller glass. Similar to a brandy snifter, the desert wine glass is designed to allow you to sip slowly and comfortably as you allow your hand to keep the wine warm.

As far as wine glasses are concerned, a good rule of thumb is the cooler or lighter the wine, the more slender the bowl and stem; and the richer or warmer the wine, the wider the bowl and stem.

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