Collecting Fire-King Glass

//Collecting Fire-King Glass

Collecting Fire-King Glass

The demand for Fire King jade-ite glasses can be merited to the Queen of home living, Martha Stewart. In the 1990s, Stewart gave her nod of approval to Fire King by featuring the brand on many of her shows and magazines. Prior to this endorsement, Fire King dishes were readily available at just about any vintage store you could find.

Fire King dishes have been around for decades. The collection was made by Anchor Hocking between the 1940s and 1960s. Today, these are considered to be rare vintage treasures. Some limited-edition pieces command a very high price tag.

Be a Savvy Collectible Glass Shopper – Don’t Pay More for King Fire Dishes

Beckalar sources Fire King dishes for a steal. True to our mission, we always keep our prices fair when you shop with us. This business model keeps our customers coming back for more.

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Fire King Dishes Have Unmistakable Colors and Patterns

Our collection of Fire King ware includes dishes in popular Jane Ray patterns or Jade-ide hues – a type of opaque green shade. There are many other limited-edition Fire King designs that were engineered by the Anchor Hocking brand. At Beckalar, shoppers can find myriad of bold-colored Fire King dishes, including pale blue or ruby red hybrids for example.

Serve Your Family and Guests in Style

In addition to some of the popular hues discussed above, no Fire King collection is complete without the following hard-to-find pieces:

  • Philbe – It’s a notorious sapphire blue that dazzles and brings simple elegance to the table.
  • Game Birds – As the name suggests, the dishes feature birds on mugs and plates.
  • Flower Patterns – These are white glass dinnerware with flower decals, just like primrose, honeysuckle, or fleurette.
  • Meadow Greens – Built between 1967 and 1977, these feature an avocado green embellished with flower patterns.

How to Identify a Fire King Dish

When Anchor Hocking debuted Fire King in the 40s to 60s eras, most dishes could be identified with a simple foil sticker. Over the years, however, these stickers have been lost or damaged due to a life well lived – to use a dish means rinsing and repeating through countless cleaning cycles.

There is still a way, though, to test the true authenticity of Fire King dishes. Flip through the pages of Gene Florence’s book titled Anchor Hocking’s Fire-King and More, which provides invaluable tips on how to pinpoint the brand based on patterns, pieces, and colors.

One of the rules of thumb is to check for the Fire King logo, which is raised and imprinted at the bottom side of each Fire King dinnerware.


At Beckalar, you’ll find unique styles of King Fire dishes every day. Our merchandise is sold out fairly quickly. If you see something you really like, snatch it while it’s here.

If you missed out on a dinnerware set you’ve been eyeing and it’s already sold, check back in a few days for new inventory. Our online vintage boutique sells a wide range of many top- selling brands, including Corelle, Lenox, Gibson, and more.
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