Getting A Feel of the Past with Vintage Kitchenware

//Getting A Feel of the Past with Vintage Kitchenware

Getting A Feel of the Past with Vintage Kitchenware

While there are a lot of new and modern-looking dining sets and other dinnerware tools in the market today, nothing can beat the classy mood that can be provided by vintage kitchenware. Usually passed on from one generation to another in a family, vintage dinnerware can look as new as the modern products today or as brittle as objects which exist way in the past. But one thing’s for sure, when talking about vintage, it refers to something old. And if it is well taken care of, the value of the dinnerware increases as it is passed through different generations and maintained in their best condition.

Antique Vs. Vintage Kitchenware

There is always a confusion between the difference of antique and vintage objects and this is also the same way with kitchenware sets. While there is a difference, there are a lot of similarities when considering both types of dinnerware sets. Both of these objects are old yet they possess high-quality value. And the better they are maintained throughout the years, the higher their value becomes. In fact, both antique and vintage dining sets are hot in the market today.

The difference between antique and vintage types of dinnerware is how old the dinnerware sets are. Any dinnerware which ages from 20 years old to 100 years old is considered vintage. Anything older than that is considered antique. While a 20-year old Dansk crystal barware is considered vintage, so is a 100-year old earthenware pot. It is a different matter when it reaches 101 years old.

Both possess the classic and timeless quality despite the difference in age. It cannot be denied though that antique dining sets would require more care and tender handling than vintage ones.

Different Types of Vintage Kitchenware

Like any kitchenware, it can differ from glassware to flatware to utensils and cookware. There are a lot of options to choose from with the kitchenware made all over the world in the span of 80 years by different companies and brands. One of the most famous vintage glassware in history is from Pyrex. With its high quality and classy style, this brand was able to produce products which are able to stand the test of time. From mixing bowls to jars then to drinking glass, vintage glassware is one of the most collected type of vintage dinnerware. For vintage flatware, silver plates and stainless steel flatware are famous in the market.

How to Identify Antique from Vintage Kitchenware

The age of the dinnerware will be able to tell if it is vintage or antique, if you want to differentiate both though, one thing you should know is that most antique dining sets are China made. Inspect the sets to be able to tell from what year the sets came from. If you figure out the year they were made, you will be able to distinguish antique from vintage ones.

Before the year 1950, china plates are round. For some glassware before 1920 though, the Chinese glassware have more art decors. If you are considering antique-looking dinnerware despite their age, you can look at the works of Wedgewood and International China. For an extensive collection of vintage kitchenware is the section to see.

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